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The Toyota Sequoia isn't always the first SUV that people think of when they are looking to purchase or outfit a vehicle for overlanding or off-road camping. Yes, it is a big vehicle with its long 122" wheelbase compared to the 109.8" wheelbase of the 5th generation 4Runner but with that extra size comes some unique advantages that are often overlooked. With the new 2023 Toyota Sequoia, the overall length has actually increased by 3 inches compared to the previous generation which adds even more cargo space which is incredibly helpful if you are utilizing the rear seats for kids, dogs,...

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Are you an adventure seeker who loves nothing more than taking your Ford Bronco off the beaten path? Do you seek out ways to maximize your vehicle's capability on overlanding excursions? If so, then we've got just the thing for you! Introducing our latest product: the Ford Bronco Rock Sliders. These sliders are designed to provide tough protection when tackling harsh terrain - perfect if you love challenging yourself while exploring nature in all its glory! Constructed from durable steel, they'll keep your tires and body panels safe without compromising style or performance. So go ahead and take that next...

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If you're an overlander or off-roader, then you know the importance of having rock sliders on your vehicle. They protect your vehicle from damage when you're driving over rough terrain, and they can also be used as a stepping point to help you get in and out of your rig. In this blog post, we'll explore five benefits that make rock sliders an unbeatable addition to any outdoor adventure ride! From increasing protection and providing stability on rough terrains to acting as a makeshift ramp or pivot point in tricky situations - investing in rock sliders will absolutely pay dividends...

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  1. Truck bed racks are a must-have for overlanding enthusiasts as they offer several benefits:

    1. Increased gear capacity: Bed racks allow you to carry more gear and supplies, freeing up space in your truck bed.

    2. Elevated tent placement: Bed racks provide higher ground for mounting tents, allowing for a better view and increased privacy.

    3. Improved storage options: With a bed rack, you have more space to store gear and supplies, which can be easily accessed while on the road.

    4. Enhanced versatility: Truck bed racks offer versatility in terms of customization and can be equipped with various accessories such as lights, fuel cans, and more.

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Every Tacoma driver takes pride in how durable these vehicles are. Made of sturdy materials, these trucks are perfect for off-roading and hauling heavy loads. However, even Tacoma’s can suffer damage, especially when it comes to their beds. Luckily, there are handy mods that every driver can install to ensure their Tacoma lasts a long time. These mods are called bed stiffeners, and they are must-haves for people who enjoy pushing their trucks to the limits with off-roading or overlanding adventures. Bed Stiffeners Defined Bed stiffeners are truck bed components that strengthen a truck’s bed, bedsides, and tailgate. They are...

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