PAKRAX over-landing steel products are designed for the adventurous person wanting to upgrade their mobile over-landing capability in a big way. 

PAKRAX prides itself in being local, sustainable, durable, honest & built to last.

Pakrax offers locally made and fabricated steel bed rack systems, tail gate panels, rock sliders, custom mounts & roof racks for a variety of off-roading rigs such as Toyota, Jeep & Ford. Our products are designed to assist you and your family in every 4x4 or adventurous camping excursion. 

PAKRAX products are created by owner Greg Rodriquez who has been in the metal fabrication business for over 25 years as a successful CWI certified welder, custom 4x4 metal fabricator, over-lander, 4x4 driver & lead metal designer for countless businesses & projects.


Our 100 percent USA Grade steel is durable and guaranteed to satisfy you no matter the Beta or level of technical 4x4 trail you may be working through!

The PAKRAX rock sliders will last and protect your rig against damage from rocks while off-roading & provide a necessary step to access stored gear on our roof rack (coming soon). Our custom bed-rack systems provide ample storage space and the ultimate solution to mounting a tent system for your over-landing rig. 

PAKRAX bed-rack systems offers custom steel mounts to hold tables, MaxTrax Traction Boards, off-brand Traction boards, Wifi Boosters, water & fuel storage, shovel & anything else suited to accompany you on your adventure.

PAKRAX is focused on the  development of new products to fit almost any user. Stay with us and check back often for the newest products.

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