The Benefits of Mounting Ditch Lights to Your Toyota Tundra

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The Benefits of Mounting Ditch Lights to Your Toyota Tundra

For most people, driving in the dark isn’t a pleasant experience. The visibility is low, and the number of unexpected distractions increases exponentially compared to the day. 

However, nighttime driving is still necessary and can be fun, especially for people who enjoy off and back-road drives. Luckily, there are quite a few modifications that you can make to your vehicle to make driving in the dark safer and easier, including buying ditch lights.

From increased visibility to more effective signaling to other drivers, here are all the benefits of mounting ditch lights for your overland rig:

Ditch Lights: Definition

Ditch lights are quite small (not bigger than 3 inches), and you mount them on an overland rig. In most cases, they go as near the windshield as possible. That way, they can provide you with the most coverage. 

These lights face from 60 to 120 degrees from your vehicle, increasing your peripheral visibility. In other words, they allow you to see the side of the road much more clearly. 

Furthermore, if they are strong, they can also allow you to see what's in front of you in a distance. That way, you can drive without any surprises down the road. 

Due to their nature and positioning, these lights aren’t suitable for highways. If you use them on regular rides, they could distract other drivers around you and cause accidents. 

Instead, these lights are reserved for off-road and back-country driving and certain commercial vehicles. 

The Benefits of Ditch Lights

Increased Visibility on Off-Road Trails

If you’re into mudding or off-road driving in general, ditch lights can help you stay safe while you enjoy your hobby. The peripheral lights will ensure you can easily see through overgrown brush and any unclear pathway. In addition, they can help you stay on course, eliminating the possibility of you getting lost on an unmarked path. Ditch lights can also be incredibly helpful when driving on shelf roads with steep cliffs off the edge. Safety is the most important thing when off roading.

Staying Safe on Back Roads

In case you do want to use ditch lights on actual roads, it’s best to stick to country roads without too much traffic. That way, you won’t be endangering any other drivers.

On country and back roads, ditch lights can help you spot wildlife, thus preventing accidents and potential injuries. Moreover, they can make road signs much more visible, as they are sometimes easy to miss on paths like these. 

Warning Other Vehicles of Your Presence

Finally, ditch lights also make you more visible to other people on the road. Thus, they decrease the risk of accidents and crashes. 

Get Your Own Ditch Lights

And there you have it! The benefits of mounting ditch lights for your overland rig are plentiful, especially if you enjoy going on back and off-road rides. 

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