2017-2023 FORD F-150 and RAPTOR BED RACK

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For the person wanting the strength and longevity that only a heavy duty steel bed rack can provide. The F-150 and RAPTOR PAKRAX Bed Rack is a completely bolt-on, modular system. It's made of heavy duty 11 gauge steel. Quite possibly the strongest bed rack on the market. 

This system comes with all 3/8" serrated flange bolts and nuts hardware, t-slot bed rail nuts, and grade 8 bed rail hardware. All systems are powder coated in-house with a satin black and have a finely textured surface similar to what is found on most aftermarket powder-coated bumpers and rock sliders.  

The product can be assembled on the truck or on the ground. To ensure a flush and proper fit, make sure all rack bolts are properly aligned then finger tightened and snugged down (without the use of tools) prior to final torquing and tightening of the nuts with the use of tools. 

Five benefits for using a steel bedrack for Overlanding or off-roading for your Ford F-150 or Raptor:

1. Increased ground clearance – Square tube sliders provide more ground clearance than traditional round tube sliders, allowing the Ford F-150 and Raptor to tackle more challenging terrain.
2. Improved approach angle – Square tube sliders provide a more aggressive approach angle, allowing the driver to tackle more challenging obstacles with greater confidence.
3. Better protection – Square tube sliders are made from thicker steel, providing greater protection for the truck’s body panels and frame.
4. Increased strength – The thicker steel construction of square tube sliders increases the strength and durability of the sliders, allowing them to take more abuse without compromising their performance.
5. Better aesthetics – Square tube sliders provide a more aggressive look, giving the Ford F-150 and Raptor a tougher, more off-road-ready appearance.

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Tools Needed:

9/16" socket and box wrench for all hardware included.