TOYOTA TUNDRA BED RACK (GEN 2 & 3, 2007-2021)

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For the person wanting the strength and longevity that only a heavy-duty, steel bed rack, can provide. The Tundra PAKRAX Bed Rack is a complete bolt-on, modular system. This rack can be used on 5ft or 6ft bed lengths. Made of heavy-duty 11 gauge steel. Likely the strongest bed bars on the market. 

This system comes with all 3/8" serrated flange bolts and nuts hardware, t-slot bed rail nuts, and grade 8 bed rail hardware. All systems are powder coated in-house, with a satin black finish with a finely textured surface, similar to what is found on most after-market powder-coated bumpers and rock sliders.  

Assembly: The product can be assembled on the truck or on the ground. To ensure a flush and proper fit, make sure all rack bolts are properly aligned then finger tightened and snugged down (without the use of tools) prior to final torquing and tightening of the nuts with the use of tools. 

PAKRAX has ensured that each load bar, and optional sidebars, have the necessary pre-drilled holes and slots needed for your application. Regardless it's a rooftop tent, traction boards, or tools, your creativity is limitless for this one-of-a-kind, bed bar system.  

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Tools Needed:

9/16" socket and box wrench for all hardware included.

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2015 Toyota Tundra Bed Rack

I have had two different PakRax bed racks on my truck. I love them! The first one was one of their original design. The only reason I bought a second one was because I wanted a more full height rack to still utilize my rear dash cam and back window. I am loyal to this company because they make great products and the owner is a very kind, knowledgeable man who we have personally wheeled with. I also have the pakrax bed stiffeners on my truck for that extra support 💪🏼. If you run any of their products you will not be disappointed. Heavy duty, high quality and powder coated perfection.