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If you are an off-road enthusiast, overlander or are simply hauling heavy loads in your truck, bed stiffeners are a must-have on any Tacoma. The bed of your Tacoma is made out of composite material and is susceptible to cracking and flexing. A cracked bed could lead to many issues that can only be repaired by replacing the entire bed. Our premium steel Pakrax bedside stiffeners are the perfect modification are extremely affordable and ready to ship.

Tacoma Bed Stiffener Key points:

L-shaped laser cut steel, is powder-coated matte black

Our design makes your factory beds stronger

Includes segmented slots for tie down points are actually large enough for a variety of high quality ratchet straps available on the market. 

Our design features many different tie down points, for your diverse projects or gear.

Bedside stiffeners protect the integrity of your Tacoma bedside. 



Customer Reviews

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Must have

I run a stock tacoma 6’ bed with no racks or camper and I would notice while driving on dirt roads in my mirrors my bedsides would wobble back by the tailgate and was recommended these to help mitigate that. Since I installed these I noticed a substantial difference on dirt roads and even a little on road as well. I was also worried that these would stick out and get in my way loading cargo but I dont notice them at all. The extra tie down locations come in handy as well.

An awesome product I didn't realize I needed.

So I have been carrying a lot of weight for a long time when camping including a Diamondback bedcover, PAKRAX crossbars, and a RTT, and wow, I feel so much better now that I have bed stiffeners. I've always seen my bed flex a little when on the trail and this just gives me a bit more insurance and adds new tie-down points in the back as well.

Joshua Jones
Solid Product

Picked these up shortly after getting PakRax sliders on my Taco. Quality product made right here in AZ. Can't ask for much more. After hitting the trails almost every weekend for the last year, these still perform like they did the day I installed them.

Reviewer avatar
Omar Rodriguez
Quality and Affordable!

Very high quality Bed Stiffeners can take a beating! Very easy to install when you get the first one in. Supports the bed of my truck very well and has many mounting points if you need to strap your load down or quad!

Tom VanNess
Best in Game!

Don't wait! Add these before your bed begins to crack. These PakRax bed stiffeners add necessary support my Tacoma bedsides and have great aesthetic appeal. I highly recommend adding these to your Tacoma!!