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If you are an off-road enthusiast, overlander or are simply hauling heavy loads in your truck, bed stiffeners are a must-have on any Tacoma. The bed of your Tacoma is made out of composite material and is susceptible to cracking and flexing. A cracked bed could lead to many issues that can only be repaired by replacing the entire bed. Our premium steel Pakrax bedside stiffeners are the perfect modification are extremely affordable and ready to ship.

Tacoma Bed Stiffener Key points:

L-shaped laser cut steel, is powder-coated matte black

Our design makes your factory beds stronger

Includes segmented slots for tie down points are actually large enough for a variety of high quality ratchet straps available on the market. 

Our design features many different tie down points, for your diverse projects or gear.

Bedside stiffeners protect the integrity of your Tacoma bedside.